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Tim Warren ✅ @timw4mail@timshomepage.net

So apparently, at least some of my scrolling issues are due to OS X. I just love 🙄 using undocumented commands for proper behavior: apple.stackexchange.com/questi

What is it with websites that randomly move when scrolling? It's a nightmare to read a text-based website when the text keeps moving in an unpredictable manner. I wish browsers would allow you to disable scroll events.

Interesting history lesson on symbols dropped from the canon of the alphabet: youtube.com/watch?v=zUrDUxh5xS

@pessimism Just watch it in whatever order you like.

I'm looking into how to write HTML e-mails and oh my god, it's still all tables

“Incorrect password.”
“Cannot change to a previously-used password.”


Hoping to land a pull request for 🦀 crates.io to improve accessibility soon. I've found that fixing #a11y issues in open-source projects I use is quite rewarding and a more useful way to procrastinate.

Though it is rather depressing to see major websites/extensions missing basic things like labels for inputs and using divs for everything.



Do you plan on updating the Mastodon bridge to support different LOCAL_DOMAIN from WEB_DOMAIN?

*i open a website*

*it gives me a small electric shock*

ah i love the static web


On the bridge site, I'm unable to login with my instance (social.timshomepage.net)

Could you see if there's something obvious in your logs?

I'm testing tweeting from Mastodon.

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