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Tim Warren ✅ @timw4mail@timshomepage.net

So apparently, at least some of my scrolling issues are due to OS X. I just love 🙄 using undocumented commands for proper behavior: apple.stackexchange.com/questi

What is it with websites that randomly move when scrolling? It's a nightmare to read a text-based website when the text keeps moving in an unpredictable manner. I wish browsers would allow you to disable scroll events.

Interesting history lesson on symbols dropped from the canon of the alphabet: youtube.com/watch?v=zUrDUxh5xS

I'm looking into how to write HTML e-mails and oh my god, it's still all tables

“Incorrect password.”
“Cannot change to a previously-used password.”


Hoping to land a pull request for 🦀 crates.io to improve accessibility soon. I've found that fixing #a11y issues in open-source projects I use is quite rewarding and a more useful way to procrastinate.

Though it is rather depressing to see major websites/extensions missing basic things like labels for inputs and using divs for everything.



Do you plan on updating the Mastodon bridge to support different LOCAL_DOMAIN from WEB_DOMAIN?

*i open a website*

*it gives me a small electric shock*

ah i love the static web

I'm testing tweeting from Mastodon.